Real SALARY of MTV Roadies Rising Judges and Host – Per Episode

MTV Roadies is a very famous show in youth. Everyone wants to become roadie and their passion we saw in every season was on top level.

The main reason behind the success of any show is their team, judges and contestants. If you see behind the seen of Roadies then you well known the effort and hard work of them. But the viewers eyes always on the judges.

1.Who will be the Judge in this season?

2. What will be the salary of them?

3. Is Rannvijay be in the Judge’s list?

4. Who will host this season?

5. What is the prize money?

6. Who will be the Roadies Rising Winner?

7. last but not the least Who will selected and become the contestant ?

All this question arise before the starting of any Roadies Season. This passion show us how much and many people love this show, follow from many past years.

Now it’s time to answer your all question

  1. Rannvijay Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia
  2. This answer is pretty much exciting, let me disclose it.

Rannvijay Singh – Rs 18,10,000

Harbhajan Singh – Rs 14,60,000

Prince Narula – Rs 17,20,000

Nikhil Chinapa – Rs 13,90,000

Neha Dhupia – Rs 17,50,000

Gaelyn Mendonca – Rs 8,50,000



3. Yes

4. Gaelyn Mendonca

5. 5 Lakh

6. Check link below

7. Check Out List and Roadies x5 Winner

I think you love this information and your love for this show will on top. Be a part of this.



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